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The take off points anywhere, we recommend:

Siena : take off near the city and from a position that allows us to fly over the
historical center of Siena.

Siena lodging:Podere Ficareto
In spring and summer we can fly only at sunrise or sunset weather permitting and in any case as a matter of safety is the pilot who decides (in the other seasons we can fly at all hours).
Flight time: about 1 hour.
Total duration of the excursion 3 or 4 hours.

Exclusive flight torque 2 people 850.
From 2 to 5, 250 to person
For larger groups, you may need a quote

  We softly fly above one of the most beautiful landscape of Italy, in first class
  The ACTIVITY includes.
     Flight with a professional pilot.
     Typical local breakfast.
     Departure from your accommodation
     Length of the flight: about 1:30 hours, total duration of the operations 3 or 4 hours
     Minimum 2 people.
     Long trousers and sport shoes are required
     No age restriction applies
     The flight may be cancelled because to inclement weather, at any time at pilot's
     You must book in advance.

We can choose the takeoff area, after we have evaluated the space and the atmospheric conditions.
After assisting with the assembly and inflation, the balloon, climbs on board and finally takes off, climbing the current, decides the direction of the flight, the pilot rushing down, can find currents that push us in different directions, depending on of the wind, you can exceed 25/30 kmh but remember that you fly with air, in the air and at the same air speed, therefore, do not feel dizzy, there is no turmoil, so let's shoot photos, selfie, video And let us cradle gently enjoying the panorama.
Landing is a delightful surprise that I will not miss, but since you fly in the early morning or late afternoon, breakfast or snack with local produce, we gladly offer you.
, Siena balloons, SEE YOU SOON.

Riccardi Simone  +393931855323

Balloon flight on Florence, Tuscany

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