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Why fly mogolfiera? To experience a unique experience, to enjoy the lightness, the harmony, the sense of freedom and peace that do not detract from the taste of adventure, all in extreme safety.
Do not stay on the ground to watch.
Our experienced pilots, they fly normally lasts about an hour but on request we can also schedule special flights.
Ballooning is also an opportunity to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, new friends, advertise brands, excite, etc ...
We are also able to point you in hotels and cottages close to the flight areas that can accommodate you and make you taste the specialties of the various locations.
To fly with us you simply contact us at the following telephone numbers:

Riccardi Simone  +393931855323

Days of flight: In spring and summer, you fly at dawn or in the evening 2 hours before sunset (in the other seasons, including winter you fly at all hours), weather permitting.
Flight time: about 1 hour.
Total duration of the excursion 3 or 4 hours.
Flight exclusive pair of 2 people 850.
From 2 to 5, 250. per person
For larger groups, you must request a quote.

(E 'Please book at least 7 days before the flight).
We fly all over Italy.
Flying is not recommended for pregnant women and those who have undergone surgery in the six months prior to the flight.
Wear casual wear / sports (preferably with natural fibers such as cotton and wool) with boots or sneakers, all suitable for the season (we fly all year).
We can not fly children under the age of 8 years.
Children from 8 to 12 years accompanied by two adults and at least 1,20 meter high and winds.
The duration of the flight, weather permitting, as has been said about an hour and includes:
-Assistance with ground crew (bus service)
-First flight with parchment
-Snack with typical products.

See you soon.


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