Balloon advertising

Balloon advertising to promote your business

Does advertising in a balloon mean distinguishing your company by promoting it unconventionally? BUY A BALLOON!

Think big, and promote your company with a hot air balloon!

The balloon is the giant billboard in the world! The most effective advertising medium in the world! The fascinating aircraft in the world!

The recall rate for advertising on a hot air balloon is higher than any other advertising form. Thanks to its enormous size, it is impossible to go unnoticed. It attracts the immediate attention of people over and over again. No matter how many balloons people have seen, this craft never loses its charm.

Hot air balloons catch the eye! Wherever there is a hot air balloon, there will always be a crowd of curious and fascinated people with their noses upwards. The “simple” use of a balloon for a private flight will attract a small group, interested people will come, and drivers will stop to admire it. Upon landing, curious people will rush to see it closely, with smartphones ready to share stories, photos, and videos about their “little” experience, effectively producing free advertising for your company. Imagine all these people who meet the hot air balloon with your brand on it or your product, taking pictures and sharing them with friends, family, and colleagues. The impact your company logo can create by using a hot air balloon as an advertising medium is impressive.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or even just for information or curiosities about it.

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Balloon advertising with your billboard

In addition to the visibility from our private flights carried out with the hot air balloon depicting your company’s logo or your product, there is the possibility of participating with your “huge flying advertising billboard” in various events in Italy and abroad. 

It is possible to make RESTRICTED FLIGHTS (LINKS). The bound flight allows the balloon to stay in the same place for 3 to 4 hours, with impressive results in terms of visibility. You can imagine the balloon with your company’s logo during the opening of a new store, the launch of a new product, or even during a concert, sporting event, or fair.

Apart from its advertising potential, the hot air balloon is still an aircraft mainly used to carry out free flights. You could participate in the first person or involve your suppliers, customers, potential customers or give this possibility to anyone. Give a unique and unforgettable experience.

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