Ballooning FAQ

Ballooning FAQ - a safe activity

It's safe?

Ballooning is safe and suitable for everyone.
There ballooning is an extremely simple means of transport and this reduces the possibility of accidents. Our pilots are very experienced, with hundreds of flight hours at their shoulders, and all the assessments on the feasibility of the flights are up to them, always bearing in mind that safety comes first.

The children? From what age is possible to flight?

Can fly children who have reached 8 years of age and who have reached at least 120cm in height.

Is it not recommended for someone?

In addition to the children under 8 years of age and 120 cm in height, we do not recommend the flight to women who are pregnant, or presumed to be so, by way of possible tossing during landing. For the same reason we do not recommend the flight to heart patients, to those suffering from osteoporosis
and to those who have undergone major surgeries in the months preceding the flight.
And then it is forbidden to fly for those under the influence of alcohol or drugs or did any scuba diving in the 48 hours prior to the flight.

What height does it get?

There balloon has no particular limits, but hardly in our tourist flights we exceed 500 meters in height, also because the most fascinating part of the balloon flight is when we fly over the woods caressing the peaks of the trees, to fully enjoy nature, all with the absolute silence that distinguishes this type of flight.

In what direction you go? How far do you go?

There balloon travels in the direction of the wind currents we find, not has the steering wheel! When flying in a balloon, you always know the place where you are takes off, but never where you land, this makes every flight a real one and its own adventure.
Once landed it will be the task of the ground crew, who follows us with the
our vehicles, bring the passengers back to the point of departure.

Such as for the direction, the distance is influenced by the different winds that we find.
therefore the distance traveled depends on the wind speed, usually yes flies within a radius of 15 km as the crow flies, which I travel by car on the way back
they can be even more than double.

Can i bring my camera?

Sure! Yours camera, video camera or action camera is welcome throughout the experience, the pilot will ask you to put it away only in the moment landing, for safety reasons.

When do you flight?

There balloon has no seasons, we fly 12 months a year!
Every season has its peculiarities and its colors, there is no better period than the other.
The flights in ballooning takes place half an hour after sunrise or 2 hours before sunset, in these moments the air tends to be more stable, while in the central hours and therefore hotter than the day, the sun warming the ground gives rise to currents thermals that are not ideal for ballooning.

In case of bad weather?

Some day before the flight, when we will have weather forecasts available
reliable, we will contact you to confirm the flight. Seldom can that happen
the conditions for take-off are different from those foreseen, in this case
it is solely up to the pilot to assess whether they are suitable for flying or canceling the flight. Our and your safety come first.
In should it be necessary for us to postpone the flight, we will reschedule immediately your flight together, on another favorable date.
Self you have a gift voucher that is about to expire and your flight is canceled,
we will automatically extend the deadline.

I suffer a little dizziness,what do i reccomend?

There balloon takes off so smoothly that you won’t even realize we’re standing
flying! It is not a medium that gives strong feelings of dizziness, we have hosted in our balloons many people who were afraid before going up, but
after a few minutes of acclimatization everyone enjoyed the flight to the fullest!
Clearly if the heights cause you real panic and usually avoid even looking out from your terrace we advise you to stay on the ground.

I just want to accompany my dear, but i don't want to flight ...

No problem, you are welcome!

You will enjoy with others in the inflation phase and then join our crew of land that follows us for the recovery of the balloon, you can safely participate in the breakfast or aperitif that we will set up directly in the point where we will land.
Bring your camera with you to take some photos from below!

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