Ballooning in Tuscany

hot air Balloon ride in tuscany - what you should know

Ballooning in Tuscany - Where and when?


The take-off point for our hot air balloons in Tuscany is:

CORTONA (Arezzo) Val di Chiana.

The take-off point is near Montepulciano 10 minute by car, between Montepulciano and Trasimeno Lake where is a wonderfull scenary, usually our Balloon Ride in Tuscany is done above winery land, but we are also near Val d’Orcia and we can organize directly Hot air balloon ride in Val d’Orcia starting from the accommodation, where the territory allows you to fly in total safety according to the evaluation of our pilots. It is also possible to take off on a request from Siena.

The Balloon Experience in Tuscany consists of:

Meeting at the take-off point, pilot briefing with passengers, setting up the balloon and flight. Once landed, we will be happy to offer you breakfast or an aperitif with typical products to toast and celebrate together this experience.

Flight duration: approximately 1 hour

The total duration of the excursion: about 3 hours

Exclusive Private Tour from 2 to 4 people price € 1.450

Exclusive Private Tour from 5 to 8 people price € 2.300

(prices for Hot Air Balloon Tour in Tuscany )

You must request a quote for flights for larger groups or other locations.

For Balloon Flight in Tuscany write or call :

 Riccardi Simone  +393931855323

Ballooning in Tuscany
Ballooning in Tuscany
Booking balloon Tour in Tuscany
ballooning in tuscany

Ballooning in Tuscany - prices and advice...

We take off early in the morning!

The golden light of the newly risen sun and above all the particular meteorological stability make the early morning the perfect time for a hot air Balloon Flight. Takeoff takes place about an hour after sunrise, so the time changes depending on the season.



Wear casual / sports clothing with boots or sneakers (comfortable shoes). The temperature in flight is more pleasant than on the ground, so wear clothing suitable for the season in which you are flying.

The recommended minimum age is 8 years and at least 120 centimeters in height for children.

At least one adult must accompany minors for the whole experience.

The balloon flight in Tuscany is not recommended for children under the age of 8, women in a state of PREGNANCY, and those who have recently undergone significant operations or injurie.


The price of the balloon ride in Tuscany also includes:

– Flight of about an hour

– Passenger insurance

-Assistance of ground staff

-Baptism of the flight with remembrance parchment

– Snack with typical products



– Shuttle service to and from accommodation facilities

-Hostess onboard to toast and souvenir photos in flight


For booking balloon Tour in Tuscany by whatsapp, mail or phone number use the contacts below.

Hot Air Balloon in Tuscany
Booking balloon Tour in Tuscany

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