Tethered flight

Tethered flight - what you should know

Balloon Tethered Flight:

In this kind of experience, the balloon is anchored with 3 \4 ropes, and short ascents of 15 \ 20 meters are made, lasting a few minutes, where it is possible to bring passengers on board with the sensation of balloon flight. The anchored flight allows the balloon to stay in the same place, even for a few hours. It is perfect to fit events of all kinds, such as festivals, parties, weddings, corporate events, sporting events, etc.

Having a hot air balloon in your event means putting an attraction that draws the curiosity and attention of all ages: children, teenagers, adults. All of whom want to climb, see closely or take pictures of this fascinating balloon.

Passengers will be able to try the “balloon flight” for free or for a fee, at the organizer’s choice; during an anchored flight, if carried out in optimal conditions, about 70/80 people can get on the balloon in an hour.

The area provided for using a balloon in tethered flight must have a site of not less than 50m x 50m, free from obstacles both on the ground and in the air.

In the evening, the balloon is spectacular! The light from the flame illuminates it entirely as if it were an immense flying bulb.

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Tethered flight - requirements

The area for using a balloon in tethered flight must have a site of ​​not less than 50m x 50m, preferably a grass field.

The area must be completely free from obstacles like structures, plants, and cables.

The balloon cannot be used in the presence of rain, thunderstorms, snowfalls, winds above 10 km / h, thermals, and intense heat. All these meteorological situations can compromise the total safety of the event. During the summer, the exposure to high temperatures and windy conditions can affect the use of the balloon; therefore, it is essential to agree with the staff on the exact times when it is recommended to plan the bound flight.

The balloon is an AIRCRAFT operated by a responsible pilot holding a regular flight license issued by ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority). The decisions taken by the latter on the feasibility of the service are final.   The height of the flight is about the width of the area used and the wind intensity.

Requests for land occupation permits and advertising taxes remain the customer’s full responsibility.

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